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About Us

Ironshore Properties LLC is a commercial real estate investment company that has investors as partners in the acquisition and ownership of properties. We currently focus on multifamily acquisitions in the Southeast, with our office in Charleston, South Carolina. Our philosophy is one of identifying geographic areas with good economies, excellent demographics regarding job and population growth, good crime statistics, and areas that businesses and people want to move to and live in. Then we monitor the commercial real estate market cycles in those areas to choose the best markets and timing to focus our efforts.

Our business plan includes buying at the right time in the market cycle, and then economically repositioning the property to improve the net operating income. This in turn increases the value of the property. We use proprietary property analysis techniques and software to insure the property meets our investment goals. We plan our proformas on a holding period of 3-5 years. Again we watch the occupancy rates, rental growth rates, and rates of new construction to determine a time to prepare the property for sale or refinancing. As this process is repeated, a strong portfolio of quality properties develops.

Ironshore Properties LLC strongly believes in a team approach. We include as team members the best property managers, property brokers, mortgage brokers, commercial real estate attorneys, accountants, insurance brokers, and vendors that we can find in each area that we invest in. This allows a strong focus on the type of property we specialize in, and our team members can then be equally focused and specialized in our niche.

Not only does this approach improve the quality of returns for our company and investors, but equally improves the satisfaction and quality of our tenants. The bottom line is clean, safe, desirable housing that we are proud to own.

Integrity counts.