Signature Services

  • Property Acquisition
  • Asset Management
  • Turnkey Commercial Property Investments

Ironshore Properties LLC is a commercial real estate investment company. We sponsor property acquisition and management that includes investors as owners of the commercial real estate projects. Our focus is to create a turnkey passive investment opportunity for investors that do not want to capitalize and run a commercial real estate investment on their own.

This allows both large and small investors the same benefits of owning commercial real estate. Some investors choose to invest in multiple properties as a way to achieve improved asset allocation balance. Investors can choose from a spectrum of property ownership options, both in variety of properties owned, as well as the percentage of ownership of any one property.

We are always mindful that our overriding principle is to first create value for our investors, and this in turn will produce value for our business. Our focus is to create passive income streams for our investors using commercial real estate ownership, thereby increasing their net worth and building long term wealth for themselves and their families. For some this allows a freedom to build the life of their choosing, which may have been previously unattainable. For others it continues to strengthen the life of their choosing, allowing them to see beyond the next horizon, and visualize even greater accomplishments and purpose.

Whatever the underlying reason, we realize that creating value for our investors is synonymous with building long term relationships with them. We always maintain the integrity of that relationship by doing what is best for them as owners of commercial real estate, and by the honesty and transparency of our communications with them.

If we create value for our investors and they are successful, our business will also thrive.